NGOs and Charities

The Songhai Exchange is the easiest, most cost-effective
way to make payments into and around Africa

Remittance Services

Songhai Exchange offers charities and NGOs a pan African aid disbursement service, a bill payment network and a cashless/e-wallet ecosystem solution that is sector-focused. Our solution empowers you to hold multi-currency fund accounts, this fund can be disbursed to beneficiaries across Africa. Funds can be delivered to a beneficiary in the form of bank transfer, cash pick-up, mobile money, beneficiary e-wallet and bill payment directly to a supplier.

Our aid and donor agency members benefit from having

Our Platform

Currently operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, the platform was built by top financial services technology providers and operates with the backing of CSL Capital UK Limited, a London-based member of FCMB Group Plc (the first indigenously owned banking group in Nigeria).

We built Songhai Exchange to be the one place to manage multiple digital and cash payments across Africa. Songhai Exchange connects our technology to a vast network of banks, mobile operators, and utility providers across Africa, passing on economies of scale to Songhai Exchange users.

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Cutting out the middlemen

Reducing transfer fees and FX rate on disbursements by cutting out the middlemen. The Songhai Exchange platform connects aid agencies directly with a network of trusted banking and pay-out partners who are committed to giving aid agencies and donors the best possible rate

Control and monitor the last mile of your disbursements

Take back control of the last mile. Reduce fraud risk and measure aid impact by using the Songhai Exchange to track funds and visualise an ecosystem of vendors and purchasers. To set up a product demo speak to a member of our team.

Bill payments

Pay bills, such as hospital bills, airtime or school fees, directly through Songhai Exchange. Saving time and transfer fees. Find out more here.

Post funding

We provide a line of credit for our tier 1 remittance clients thereby paying local currency obligations before your funds arrive.

Songhai Exchange