Songhai Exchange is Rebranding to CSL Pay

Facilitating payments into Africa through a single touchpoint

CSL Pay is a Pan-African payment network that facilitates Bank Transfer, Cash Pick-up, Mobile Money and Bill Payments across Africa. By disintermediation of payments into and within Africa, we reduce cost, shorten transaction time and remove the need for a middleman.


  • Airtime
    Faster, more cost-effective payments by connecting our customers to mobile network operators across Africa.

  • Bill Payment
    Single access point that allows your customers virtually pay bills from abroad

  • Mobile Money
    Cost-effective channel for paying into beneficiary mobile money accounts across countries in Africa.

  • Cash pickup
    Cash pickup at numerous collection points operating under the CSL Pay network.

  • Bank transfer
    Direct connectivity to local banks for beneficiary payment at affordable transfer rates, without the need for middlemen.

  • Disbursement Services for Aid agencies
    Manage, track and disburse funds to your chosen countries in Africa quickly and affordably.

Why use CSL Pay?

Globally connecting organisations with a single-point access

CSL Pay remittance switching platform currently surpasses other traditional aggregator platforms. As an organisation operating under the CSL Pay network, you can now enjoy transparent and hassle-free solutions through single API integration with CSL Pay which is completely free of charge. Asides from connecting you directly to remitters, CSL Pay also empowers you to freely set your fees and foreign exchange rate, resulting in a more cost-effective pay-out network across Africa.

Cost-effective pan-African remittance platform

As a remitter operating under the CSL Pay network, our connectivity to a network of banking and pay-out partners creates a negotiation point to obtain the best FX and transfer rates. This access totally eradicates the need for a middle man while implementing compliance measures to curb fraudulent activities associated with remittances.

Efficient and agile technology for 21st-century businesses

The efficient and scalable plug-and-play nature of CSL Pay enables cost-free, effortless and constant remittance flows for distribution partners such as banks and mobile money operators. Our unique offering stems from established strong working relationships with international money transfer operators, NGOs/financial institutions in a number of key regions (Europe, North America, Asia, Africa). Whether it is through cash pickup, mobile money or bank transfer, payees and beneficiaries can now receive funds faster through their most convenient fund disbursement method.

Facilitating Africa-global trade and investments. Connecting global payment systems to Africa…

CSL Pay platform seamlessly connects your organisation directly with trusted African banking and payout partners. Giving you one simple access point for all of your payments, with complete transparency on pricing. Saving time and money by cutting out the middlemen.

Like the great Songhai Empire, we are at the crossroads of trade and investment between Africa and the rest of the world. Our clients include international remittance providers, charities, NGOs, and foreign portfolio investors.

Our pan-African network of trusted banking and payout partners includes First City Monument Bank and FirstBank of Nigeria.

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