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The Songhai Exchange provides the digital infrastructure to channel these remittances to directly partners including local banks, financial service providers and billers. Cutting out the middlemen and transforming remittances for Africa. And you can be a part of it.


The platform connects remittance providers, foreign portfolio investors, and charities directly with local banking and billing partners. By cutting out the middlemen we introduce our partners to a world of new clients and empower them to negotiate transfer fees and foreign exchange rates directly.

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170 million Africans live outside of Africa. Remittances to sub-Saharan Africa alone are forecast to hit $39.6 billion in 2019

How does it work?

For African banking and financial services partners

Connecting your bank or financial services company to Songhai Exchange gives you a stream of new transactions for currency conversion and execution.

These transactions may be simple bank transfers, they may require cash pickup, or transfer into a mobile money account. Either way, Songhai Exchange has you covered. You can integrate directly to the platform using our API or we can set you up with a manual payout platform, completely free of charge.

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For African bill payment partners

Many of the 170 million Africans living outside the continent need to pay the bills back home. From airtime top-ups to utility and credit card bills, school fees, hospital bills, as well as rent, mortgage and car payments.

Songhai Exchange makes this happen by connecting local businesses and service providers directly to a network of remittance, airtime and bill payment providers.

Getting started is easy, with the help of our API your organisation can be easily integrated to the platform. Or, if you don’t want to handle integration, simply upload your products to our portal for our service providers to access.

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